A short summary of the first two Hobbit movies.


the fact that gimli’s thumbs are hooked in legolas’ belt makes me puke rainbows


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When your muse misses another, but you don’t want to bug their mun.

When you miss certain threads, but don’t want to bug the other mun.

When you feel like you’re always bugging another mun…


 I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.


Have you forgotten? A strain of madness runs deep in that family. His grandfather lost his mind. His father succumbed to the same sickness. 

Can you swear Thorin Oakenshield will not also fall

» Things that are not cool - The RPers edition.


  • Force Shipping #1 - Trying to force someone else’s muse into a ship that they are not comfortable with or has not been discussed beforehand.
  • Force Shipping #2 - Trying to force someone else’s muse to acknowledge/accept your OC as their spouse/child/cousin/grandparent/distant relative that nobody invites to weddings.
  • Metagaming and GodModding #1 - Trying to force someone else’s muse into a situation they are not comfortable with/have not discussed beforehand.
  • Metagaming and GodModding #2 - Killing/injuring someone else’s muse without asking/discussing first.
  • Ignoring a roleplayers rules/about/headcanons - They make these for a reason, usually spending a lot of time and effort on them and if you take the time to read them, you can avoid getting into problems while RPing with them.
  • Harassing someone about replying to your thread - A gentle reminder every now and again is fine (and usually welcome), but constant bombardment of their ask box complaining you aren’t getting as much attention as other thread partners is rude.
  • Interrupting someone else’s thread without prior discussion/permission - If you have an issue with the mun/muse, talk to them in a private message about it.
  • Ignoring repeated requests from someones muse (or the mun) to cease a particular activity due to reasons that may be distressing them. ie, triggers, etc.
  • Expecting mun to drop everything to answer your thread - RL and mun’s health comes before any thread.


Disney Princesses With Beards by Adam Ellis

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